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The Town of Dewey-Humboldt was Dewey-Humboldt was incorporated on December 20, 2004, from the existing unincorporated towns of Dewey and Humboldt, located adjacent to one another in the Agua Fria River Valley, 15 miles east of Prescott. Dewey-Humboldt is located at an elevation of 4580' and enjoys a mild four-season climate. The residents enjoy living here surrounded by the local mountains...just far enough away from "town" to have a rural feeling.

Dewey-Humboldt is ripe with culture and history:

After discovery of gold on Lynx Creek in the spring of 1863, the Dewey area was settled around the summer 1863 by pioneer prospector, rancher and Indian-fighter King Woolsey (1832–1879), who founded the Agua Fria Ranch to supply the miners. Woolsey used stones from a prehistoric ruin to build his ranch house, built an irrigation system off the local Agua Fria river , and introduced some of the first cattle into newly organized Yavapai County. During 1864, he led the storied Woolsey Expeditions to the east in search of gold, however he failed to find a new Eldorado.

As the valley began to fill up with a few ranches and farms, a post office was established in 1875. The stage station and Post Office were named "Agua Fria." By the early 1870s water diversions were being used to irrigate an extensive area of corn and other crops. In 1898 The P & E railroad was built along the Agua Fria which ended the areas era of isolation and made it possible for the population of the area to grow. Farming continued in a small portion of the area until 2006 when the last working farm was sold to developers.